Country :Ukraine

Trainer Skills:

Weight Management
Strength Training


Personal Trainer


Olena, the official qualified specialist in Weight Management and Obesity, has obtained her 7 years of experience in Personal Training. Her practice is build-up on a holistic approach that includes regular exercising, nutrition, behavior modification, and motivational techniques.

She accomplished her degree for medical professionals and gained expertise in treating obesity at the University of South Wales, the UK, this year.

She has more than 9 years of experience in motivating people to choose healthier lifestyles and become a better version of themselves. As a qualified Social Worker, she has been engaged in various cases in clinical settings to see how harmful overweight and obesity can be. She’ve chosen to become a health coach and began her fitness journey in 2011 by completing the course in Personal training and Individual programming, in Anatomy and Biomechanical Strength Training, and Nutrition.

Olena is qualified Sociologist with expertise in behavior modifications and practical psychology. She has always been moved by motivating people and engaging them in healthy lifestyles.

Olena’s areas of expertise are individual design, and modifications of exercise and meal plans; one-to-one coaching; weight loss; muscle gains; nutrition; regulation of appetite, its etiology, and pathology; weight loss or gain in relation to medical and genetic conditions or the use of medications; eating disorders; pre- & post-bariatric surgery patients training.

Her belief is that fitness is for everybody and there is no place for stigmas and judgment when it comes to physical activities. Her aim is to guide people in the direction to achieve their fitness and health goals, leading to a balanced life between a healthy mind and a healthy body