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Why Diets Are A Good Thing & 3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Do One.

Article reposted with permission from Liam O’Hagan. Article reposted from https://www.ohagancoaching.com/single-post/Why-Diets-Are-A-Good-Thing-3-Reasons-Why-You-Might-Want-To-Do-One First off, if you’re one of my fellow personal trainers hear me out. I’m usually one of the trainers that goes against diets but today I had a sudden realization and kind of wanted to challenge my own current thought processes on this topic. […]

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More Weights, Less Cardio!

In whatever routine you are doing, there should always be room to do both cardio and weights. But here are Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we believe that your main focus and energy should be spent on the weights! While cardio is a great tool to help burn extra calories, it can be detrimental to your […]

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Stretch Out!

Finding the time to workout every day can be hard enough so it’s no doubt many of us either forget to stretch or don’t make the time to stretch. Here are Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we know how important it is stretch and work on flexibility. Stretching can help reduce stress, improve blood flow and […]

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Find your perfect Abu Dhabi based Personal Trainer

After exercising with your www.abudhabipersonaltrainers.ae trainer you may wake up the next morning with some pain, which is expected for those who haven’t exercised for a while. This pain is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. DOMS usually sets in 24 hours after exercise but tend to worsen towards 48 hours. In […]

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the benefits of yoga- Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

The Benefits Of Yoga

The body is a machine and a machine requires maintenance. Yoga could be the answer. Many personal trainers in Abu Dhabi implement a small low key cool down towards the end of the 1 hour session but is this enough? Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we have listed some of the benefits of yoga […]

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