Stubborn Body Fat

​Everybody has stubborn body fat that we want to lose, but how do we do it?

We asked our Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers for their input in to the topic! The one piece of advice our personal trainers want to make sure you take away from this post is that there are tons of different supplements (think skinny teas, fit teas, pills, shakes etc.) that will tell you that their product will help you move your stubborn body fat, however, if it where that easy why would there be so many products out there and so many people struggling to lose weight? Our personal trainers want to make sure that you do not throw away your hard earned money on products that will promise you the world and not deliver on those promises.

The reality of losing stubborn fat is probably not what you want to hear, but there is not secret to it, there is no quick fix or diet pill that can help you target your fat loss. The only way we gain and lose fat is determined by two factors:

1. Caloric intake
2. Genetic predisposition

We all have the capacity to get absolutely shredded – while this may be easier for some than others we can all reach low levels of body fat. All it takes is a caloric deficit and consistency.

Fat loss is a simple equation and a simple task on paper – it is just difficult to implement and endure!

The second factor is a very important one and we most not forget it – our unique genetic predispositions. Unfortunately, our ancestors have determined our genetic make-up and this is what determines where and how much fat we store in certain areas. Some people store more fat in their abs, others on their thighs.

So don’t waste your money on diet pills, skinny teas or shakes that promise to target fat loss. If you want to get rid of these areas you need to train on a regular basis and induce a calorie deficit with your diet. Eventually it will come off, you just need to be patient and endure the process, because some areas will come off after others but they WILL eventually come off! A personal trainer can help set your calorie needs based on the training schedule they have made for you!

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