Finding the time to workout every day can be hard enough so it’s no doubt many of us either forget to stretch or don’t make the time to stretch. Here are Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we know how important it is stretch and work on flexibility. Stretching can help reduce stress, improve blood flow and flexibility, can lead to better posture, fewer aches and pains and can provide a variety of other health benefits. We have asked some of our personal trainers local to Abu Dhabi what they believe are the best benefits of getting flexible and incorporating stretching into your fitness routine.


  1. Decrease risk of injury – general stretching and flexibility training can improve your physical performance and help reduce your risk of injury. By improving your range of motion and flexibility in your joints, your body requires less energy to make the same movements – these in combination will lessen the likelihood of injuries sustained during workouts, or any other time.
  2. Improved posture – static stretching can reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Static stretching is slow, gradual movements that are held for 30 seconds in the farthest position possible without pain. Static stretching can help improve your resting posture and muscular balance.
  3. Reduced lower back pain – stretching promotes muscular relaxation and can thus lessen lower back pain. To reduce lower back pain our personal trainers recommend stretching out your hamstrings, hip flexors, quads and other muscles around the lower back – this will reduce the tightening that causes your pain.
  4. Increased blood flow to tissue – stretching increases the blood supply to your muscle tissue and also increases joint synovial fluid (the fluid that promotes nutrients to be transported to your joints). This results in a greater range of motion at the joints, less joint pain and a reduce risk of joint degeneration.
  5. Overall health and vitality – as a result of stretching you will notice less pain and muscle soreness, improved movement and physical performance. Stretching can help relax your muscles and your mind – resulting in you stressing less.

Many of our personal trainers here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers have qualifications in Yoga and Pilates and can help you today with stretching and flexibility. Remember that stretching does not just have to be a part of your workout – you may dedicate your entire workout to stretching.

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