Reduce Post Workout Soreness

Reduce Post Workout Soreness

After working out with your Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer there is a good chance that you may be sore the next day! Waking up sore after a workout is something that anyone who has ever worked out can relate to! DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, is caused by microtraumas in your muscle fibres that are then repaired as part of the muscle growth process. Although there is no substitute for taking rest days, getting enough sleep and eating healthy, adding these simple recovery tools will help you avoid DOMS!

1. Wear compression tights after your workout as they will help speed up the recovery process. The compression helps to boost circulation and supports the muscles groups.

2. Roll out your muscles with a foam roller. Using a foam roller can help to ease muscle tightness and tension. Foam rolling can be painful but make sure that it is not unbearable!

3. Try local balms like Deep Heat or Tiger Balm. These balms have a cooling sensation on the skin when applied that reduces muscle pain.

4. Make sure you warm up properly, and that the muscles you are going to train are warm! Use bodyweight exercises or very light weights to warmup.

5. Drink some coffee! Scientists have suggested that caffeine can reduce soreness because it blocks the central nervous receptors that are related to pain.

6. Use active recovery to your advantage! Active recovery can help to reduce the inflammation and pain that comes with DOMS. Active recovery should be low0impact aerobic exercise that will increase the flow of blood around the body.

7. Eat blueberries! The positive effect of blueberries on reducing DOMS is likely due to the high amount of anthocyanins blueberries contain.

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