Meal Prep Hacks to Save you Time

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer’s all know the importance of eating a nutritional diet. This include planning what meals you are going to eat and more often than not preparing many of these meals in advance. The reason meal prepping in advance is so important is because if we wait until we are hungry to choose what to eat, chances are you will make a poor choice. As a result, Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer’s recommends cooking and preparing in advance, this will not only lead to healthier food choices but will also save yourself time and money during the week! So are you ready to try meal prepping? Here are some easy tips and hacks:

Cook once per week – Pick one day at the start of the week to do most, if not all of your shopping for the coming week. On that same day, although it may sound like a lot, try cook and/or prepare all of your meals for the week. We recommend cooking the same meals in bulk. Most meals will stay fresh in the fridge for about a week so don’t cook too far in advance!

Keep it simple – keep the meals you are going to cook practical and easy. Slow cooker meals are very easy as they require minimal prep and attendance.

Fill up your freezer – fill up your freezer with any left overs you may have, these will make quick and healthy meals for when you have not prepared anything. Just make sure to write the date you have frozen the meal on the container.

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