Make Morning Workouts Your New Habit

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer

Does the thought of waking up with the sun in the morning to workout make you shudder? Do you always hit snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning? Before you hit the snooze button next time, stop, and think about how much better your day will be if you start it with a workout! The first few mornings will be hard, but it will be totally worth it! By developing a solid routine of working out in the morning and sticking to it, you will feel better throughout the day. Just ask your Abu Dhabi personal trainer! So to get started on your new morning routine, here are 4 steps and tips:

1. Get ready the night before. The night before set out your work-out clothes ready to go for the morning, make your pre and post workout food/snacks and set your alarm! “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” – having all of this ready the night before means you don’t have to wake up so early to get ready for your workout and have fewer excuses to not workout.

2. Get a solid sleep. According to WebMD, most adults need 7 to 9 hours a night for the best amount of sleep. So make sure you go to bed early enough so when your alarm does go off in the morning, you feel rested and ready to go.

3. Move your phone. Set your phone alarm and then leave it out of arms reach from your bed while you sleep. This means that in the morning you will have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you are out of bed, you are more likely to stay out of bed and do your workout!

4. Change you attitude about morning workouts. Instead of dreading them and the thought of your alarm going off each morning, focus on how good you feel afterwards and how alert and awake you feel throughout the rest of your day after your workout. The first week or so will be the hardest, but once you have a routine in place, it becomes habit, and habits are hard to break.

So stop avoiding those morning workouts with your personal trainer and start making your new morning routine your habit!

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