Is working out only for adults?

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Truth be told – Yes ‘working out’ is only for adults, the evening training session after work, the hard slog at the gym, the hour-long class that makes you question what all of the hard work is for. This is for the adults, and kids are a lot different! With the developed world facing a new wave of health crises, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of getting children active from an early age.

Fun, fitness and laughter are what our children require. Strive to teach an intrinsic manner that keeps children asking for more and provide them with a love of fitness for a lifetime. The aim of any kids fitness program is to make sure that the kids are pestering the parents to go back for more! It helps to start cultivating fitness and healthy living as a lifestyle choice from an early age.

Who would have thought rock, paper, scissors could be changed into a fitness game, provide endless laughter or create a bond between teammates? We encourage parents to get their children up off the couch, away from the computer and help create a generation of children who love fitness and have a life full of health.

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