Eat More Vegetables Today!

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Did you know that it is recommended that you eat at least 5 servings of vegetables per day? Eating that many servings of vegetables may be more difficult on some days so we have asked our personal trainers in Abu Dhabi for some tips to make adding more vegetables to your diet easier! Eating at least your 5 servings is important because they are a source of vitamins and minerals, fibre, water and antioxidants, nutrients your body needs.

Add vegetables to your breakfast
Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers recommends adding vegetables to your breakfast! Omelettes and frittatas are a great and very easy way to add vegetables to your diet and they will keep you feeling satisfied until lunch!

Substitute your carbs!
If you love to eat rice and pasta why not swap them out for healthy vegetable alternatives. Think cauliflower rice instead of rice and spiralized carrots or cucumber instead of spaghetti. You do not have to replace all of your rice and spaghetti but try and substitute some quantity for the vegetable alternative!

Make a vegetable spread or dip
Why not make a vegetable puree into a spread or dip to use on sandwiches, vegetables or crackers. Mushroom, pumpkin, beetroot and sweet potato are the perfect vegetables for this!

Substitute vegetables for snack foods
If you love hummus, baba ganoush or guacamole, try swapping your crackers or chips for sliced raw vegetables. Carrot, cucumber, celery or capsicum make the perfect vegetable dippers!

All of these are great examples of how easy it can be to add in extra servings of vegetables to your daily diet! Try to make eating your vegetable fun and interesting!

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