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How to Warm Up Properly and Avoid Injury

Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we hear a lot of stories about injuries that occur and this can be due to a limited or complete lack of a warm up. If you are a client, a personal trainer, or are considering a change of a career to become a personal trainer then take a […]

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The Effects of A Good & Bad Nights Sleep

A good nights sleep is a great thing! Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we understand that the common 8 hours of shuteye is good for us but what are the effects of a good and bad night sleep. Well Rested – Improves memory, creativity and focus – Curbs inflammation – Maintains healthy immune system […]

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Weightlifting Program Plan:Be Flexible

The next situation is in a program in which the trainer wants the powerlifter to workout as intense as possible on any given session. This may mean aspiring to a single maximal or near-maximal set (perhaps with subsequent back-off sets). Then lifter’s hitting a prescribed number of sets of the maximal number of weights per set. In such a situation it’s always better to listen to the coach’s personal guidance. No one except your trainer will be able to intuitively…

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If My Last Day of CrossFit Were Tomorrow

Nope…I wouldn’t take part in anything like CrossFit endurance training. If tomorrow were my last day on this earth, I wouldn’t want to end my life with one of the regular intense CrossFit workouts. A third situation includes few factors that can make intensity prescriptions obscure as well. Like when you stumble into specific exercises for which 1RMs don’t exist at all. Maybe you run into exercises for which 1RMs are not possible or not advisable. Also, there can be such a routines, for which 1RMs have not been tested yet.

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