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The Importance of Mobility!

Our Personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi know that there is a lot more to training and being fit than just walking in to a gym and bench pressing and squatting as much as you can. While lifting and pressing and much as you can is fantastic, how long can you keep this up? At some […]

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you have every exercised with a personal trainer, chances are they have made you do interval work. It is no secret in the fitness world and among personal fitness trainers that high intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to be the most effective form of cardio for fat loss and weight loss. Our […]

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More Weights, Less Cardio!

In whatever routine you are doing, there should always be room to do both cardio and weights. But here are Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we believe that your main focus and energy should be spent on the weights! While cardio is a great tool to help burn extra calories, it can be detrimental to your […]

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Cardio- Do or Don’t?

Firstly, Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers are not here to dismiss all cardio or tell you ‘only’ to complete certain workouts. No. We believe in balance but, more-so, it’s important human’s find activities that they enjoy. Similarly, it is great to set targets. One of our very successful client here in Abu Dhabi, Asma, wanted set […]

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Why Warm Up?

Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we hear a lot of stories about injuries that occur due to a limited warm up. If you are a client, a personal trainer, or are considering a change of a career to become a personal trainer then take a look at the information below: What is a warm-up? […]

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8 Tips for a Healthy Kidney

Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we believe in overall health – overall health is more than just exercising! It is important that in conjunction with exercising that you take care of your critically important organs. Our personal trainers have compiled a list of 8 tips to keep your kidneys functioning properly and keeping them, […]

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10 Easy Steps to Looking and Feeling Great

There are thousands of books, blogs and websites out there about “how to lose weight” or about “how to tone up” – with each author having their own “scientific” evidence of what works best. Everybody has their own success stories and what worked for them. The one common factor that every success has with all […]

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Stretch Out!

Finding the time to workout every day can be hard enough so it’s no doubt many of us either forget to stretch or don’t make the time to stretch. Here are Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we know how important it is stretch and work on flexibility. Stretching can help reduce stress, improve blood flow and […]

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Tips to Eat Less Sugar Without Trying!

We are sure that we don’t have to talk about how bad sugar is for us. We are all aware of it. We believe here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers that everything can be okay in moderation, unfortunately, when it comes to sugar, many of us struggle with moderation. Reducing your sugar intake can help […]

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How To Stick To A New Fitness Routine

Here at Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers we know that sticking to a new fitness routine can be hard! You set a new routine, dedicate yourself to it entirely and then your motivation starts lacking and you start making excuses as to why you can no longer train at the same intensity or frequency. To help you […]

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