Why You Can’t See Your Abs

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Are you struggling to reveal your abs? You are not alone! Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or slimming tea for abs. Until these pills or slimming teas are invented, our personal trainers here in Abu Dhabi advise that you need to focus on some details of your health and fitness routine to get those visible abs you are working so hard for! Incorporating the below five tips, provided by our Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers, are paramount to your six-pack success!

1. Are you focusing on your muscles?
You can do crunches until your heart is content but if you are not doing them with proper technique you are not going to see the results or notice a difference! When you are performing any movement, you should focus on the muscles you are intending to work out and not just on the movement itself. So think less about trying to copy what someone else is doing or what you have seen on YouTube and start paying attention to the muscle itself. Focus on tightening your core when you’re working out to intensify the burn and ensure proper form.

2. Are you only doing cardio?
Are you a cardio bunny? If you are and you aren’t doing any kind of strength or resistance training then you are not going to see any kind of muscles definition in your stomach. Cardio may help you to lean out but unfortunately, you need to have developed abdominal muscles to have that six pack look. So if your exercise routine is cardio, then more cardio and finished off with a bit more cardio then it’s time to start lifting weights! Not only does weight lifting boost your metabolism and help you lose weight, it will help to create muscle definition in your tummy!

3. You Have Some Fat to Lose
Unfortunately, the fact is, if you are carrying excess belly fat you are never going to be able to see those abs until it goes away! To help lose that excess belly fat our personal trainers recommend you focus on de-stressing, ensuring you are cooling down properly after your workouts and focus on your diet.

4. Abs are made in the kitchen
You should live by the mantra: “eat clean, train mean.” Unfortunately, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. To ensure that you’re nourishing your muscles, burning fat, and maintaining a healthy weight, you need to focus on optimizing your nutrition. Our personal trainers recommend you do not over restrict with your diet but rather be mindful of your choices and opt for cleaner options as much as possible. Find what works for you and your needs. This should be a lifestyle, not a quick fix!

5. Stand up straight!
Did you know that how you stand and sit can help define your abs? Pulling in your abdominals throughout will bring so much strength to core muscles and will help create a tighter, more defined tummy.

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