10 Easy Steps to Looking and Feeling Great

There are thousands of books, blogs and websites out there about “how to lose weight” or about “how to tone up” – with each author having their own “scientific” evidence of what works best. Everybody has their own success stories and what worked for them. The one common factor that every success has with all of the books, website and blogs out there – you need to change your lifestyle. Our personal trainers here in Abu Dhabi say that this means changing both your exercise and eating habits. To make it easier our personal trainers have come up with 10 easy steps to help you not only look great but also feel great!


  1. Eat smaller portions – our personal trainers recommend that you eat until you are 80% full and stop there – it takes time for your mind to catch up with your stomach! To make it easier we suggest serving your meals on a smaller plate or smaller bowl – this will make you think you are eating more.
  2. Eat frequently – eating more frequently will keep your sugar levels more constant throughout the day – helping to maintain your energy and mood. Our personal trainers in Abu Dhabi suggest snacking between breakfast, lunch and dinner with fruits and vegetables.
  3. Drink up – most people eat when they are dehydrated so make sure you keep your water intake up throughout the day so you can distinguish between hunger and thirst.
  4. Make smart choices – think of choosing real food over food that comes in a packet, think water over soda, think walking to work instead of driving or catching the bus! Simple swaps like this will add up!
  5. Get professional advice – when starting with a new fitness journey, start with a proper exercise program from a personal trainer – it’s worth it!
  6. Sleep – make sure that you are getting enough sleep. While we sleep our bodies recuperate and repair. Going to bed earlier also means there is less change of late night snacking.
  7. Protein protein protein – make sure you are including protein at every meal – including breakfast! Think egg whites in your oats, poached eggs on rye toast for your breakfast.
  8. Set goals and write them down – writing down your goals will make you more accountable. Our trainers recommend you hand write them, this makes the goals more personal to you and hang them someone you will see them. Our trainers recommend writing your goals on a sticky note and put them on the fridge, that way whenever you go into the fridge you are reminded of your goals and this will help you make smarter food choices.
  9. Supplements – supplements like protein powder can help you to achieve your goals – we recommend speaking with your personal trainer about what supplement may help you with your goals.
  10. Stick with it – it may take some time but you will find your groove and what works for you. Changes won’t be seen over night.

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